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Our School is committed to providing best international standards of education. The journey started in the year 2004 when a group of philanthropists and social workers thought of converting their long lost dream of ‘Education for all’ into reality. The inception of the Shailley Educational Trust brought colours to this reality and the School Green Valley Academy was established right in the heart of the city of Noida, National Capital Region, India.

Green Valley Academy falls under the aegis of Shailley Educational Trust (a Nonprofit Organization India) which works purely in the field of education dissemination. Green Valley Academy’s aim is to let the education flow to all sections of the society equally, swiftly, easily and affordably. We believe the growth of the country is directly proportional to the growth of education in the country. We are proud to say that we specialize in delivering quality education. Over the past two decades we have been able to develop well-balanced knowledge distribution systems. The contributions came in from around the world, enabling us to understand the global best education practices. These international consultants are guiding light which lets us stay in sync with the latest educational tools and techniques.

The school’s Chairperson Mrs. Kusum Sharma, Ex Senior Officer with the Government, took Voluntary retirement to contribute full time toward the noble cause of education. The Senior Consultants form a Board of Members. The board takes all decisions from Curriculum Design to Faculty Recruitment. As defined further in the “Our Team” portion of the website the board consists of Senior Civil Servants, Bureaucrats, International Researchers, Hon’ble Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and Sports Persons of world fame. These specialists are philanthropists and social workers Green Valley Academy is proud to have on-board as they make all the difference in the pedagogical methods we boast.

Despite continuous modifications we keep our syllabi and course structures as simple as possible. The philosophy is to let the students think and innovate while steering them in the right direction, without pushing them in a rigid modular system. In many ways we resemble the ideologies of the Military, Army, Air Force, Navy or other government schools where we work hard toward creating responsible, confident, knowledgeable and healthy citizens having enormous will power, sense of direction, independent thought process, skills and abilities to make a difference in the world. 

While successfully creating three schools of excellence in National Capital Region, India in the following cities of Delhi, Noida and Greater-Noida, Green Valley Academy strives to grow along with its students.

Following highlights shall help understand GVA's uniqueness:

  • Special focus on Mathematical Skills & Languages Skills (especially English) helps us inculcate Analytical abilities and Communication skills.
  • Teacher to Student Ratio of 1:20 excellently enables throughout the session to comprehend and enhance the individual thought process of students.
  • Skilled faculty/staff; carefully handpicked & highly trained professionals are the backbone of our 2 decade long story of successful knowledge dissemination.
  • International Education Standard: Consultants various fields and from several countries around the globe contribute the world’s best and latest educational practices.
  • Freshly installed laboratories are equipped with latest laptops, computers and software's, keeping students updated in today’s internet age.
  • Smart-GPS Activated Transportation System along with 24x7 CCTV Surveillance system together establish high levels of safety and precision.
  • Clean and Spacious & Sunlit Classrooms let our students think, breathe, study and play in an utterly Hygienic and Pollution-free environment.
  • Green architecture; Broad corridors, specially designed open to the sky ‘Center’, create fresh Air Circulation in the entire campus.
  • World Class Music and Dance Academy having 9 studios built in 6000 sq. ft. area, equipped with western and classical instruments, latest types of equipment and excellent infrastructure. (