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Green Valley Academy was built with the fundamental philosophy of free thought. Human growth is directly proportional to imagination which majorly is stimulated by the environment. Hence the concept of Green architecture from Granada, Spain was embedded in order to stage our students as close to the nature as possible. With sunlight breaching all walls of the school through broad windows and lavish corridors sparking the specially designed open to the sky ‘Centre’ of the school, it feels relaxing and thoughtful in every location of the building.

The three fours side open location creates fresh Air Circulation in the entire campus, delivering absolute peace of mind at times.On the technology front, freshly installed laboratories are equipped with latest laptops, computers and software's, keeping students updated in today’s technological age. GPS Activated Transportation System along with 24x7 CCTV Surveillance system together establish high levels of safety in all parts of the campus and even while the  students travel between school and home.
As we understand the aura and aroma of the place creates majorly affects the thoughts and actions of an individual hygiene, cleanliness and Spaciousness have always been at the core of each part of the building architecture and we continue to maintain and modify. All this along with well Sunlit Classrooms let our students think, breathe, study and play in an utterly Hygienic and Pollution-free environment.
Another pillar of our philosophy has been imagination, which is was built and conveyed in the form of the World Class Music and Dance Academy by the name of Svar-Vandana Institute of Visual and Performing Arts. The entire second floor was converted in to this well equipped and uperbly developed sub-insitutuion falling under the aegis of GVA. Svar-Vandana helps the students of GVA to inculcate imagination, innovation and the want of self discovery, discipline and control through Music and Dance. Built in 6000sq. ft. area, equipped with almost all western and classical instruments, latest equipments and extraordinary infrastructure Svar-Vandana is India’s Biggest Music and Dance Academy. It has 9 Studios with lavish lobby spaces. Having a state-of-the-art infrastructure, it even rivals the best music and dance institutions of the world. The faculties of Svar-Vdandana belong to famous “Gharanas” (Families) and are highly educated in the field of Music and Dance. 

Other major attractions of the campus are latest Computer Laboratories and a Library with more than three thousand books. They say Toilets reflect the cleanliness, perfection and efficiency of any institution, and GVA is proud to keep them clean and shinning. Since Health is one of the major focus areas of our upbringing, GVA has built absolutely marvelous Toilets and Washrooms, which rival the toilets of the best of up market Hotels.